Deep-NLP Research Group

Deep-NLP is a research group having researchers from Europe and Asia. The group is pioneered by the university teachers, postdoc fellows, researchers and students from both the continents. It mainly focuses on Natural Language Processing (NLP) through deep neural network and intends to contribute on different application areas of NLP including but not limited to,

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Text Classification and Extraction
  • Machine Translation
  • Text and Sequence Generation
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
  • Speech Recognition
  • Video/Audio Classification using Text
  • Language Modeling

The highlight of the group is its diverse team of young researchers who conceptualize, implement and publish quality research in emerging areas of natural language processing.

Following are the broad objectives of the group,

  1. To produce original research in Natural Language Processing and its application areas
  2. To write grant winning funding and research proposals to advance the field of NLP
  3. To jointly supervise Masters/PhD students at the universities in Europe and Asia
  4. To engage with industry for increasing the practical NLP knowledge of the group members and apply expertise in real world problem solutions