Welcome Deep-NLP Research Group!

Welcome to deep natural language processing (deep-NLP) research group.
This group focuses on applications of deep neural networks in different areas of natural language processing (NLP). NLP, a field of linguistics and computer science focuses on how to program machines to process large amount of text written in natural languages like English, Urdu, and Chinese etc.
In early days (1980s, 1990s), NLP was mainly based on some statistical rule based processing, this we call “NLP rule based age”. Later in 2000s, with the availability of enormous amount of text, thanks to World Wide Web, different supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised algorithms were proposed to work with text, this was “NLP machine learning age”.
The major breakthrough, which brings a human-like accuracy in different tasks of NLP, has been observed recently with the advent of deep learning, “NLP deep learning age”. The present NLP phenomenon is mainly caused by better activation functions for neural networks, increased processing power in shape of GPUs and TPUs and most importantly, availability of an enormous amount of text from different sources including webpages and social media etc. This website hosts research contribution of the members of deep-NLP group in different areas of deep learning and natural language processing.